Billyard Genealogy: Roberta Jane Harris

Roberta Jane Harris   
(Jinks, Billyard)

Known As: Jane

Biological Parents: Harold Edward Little & Barbara Jinks
Adoptive Parent: Joan Patricia Horswill

Siblings (5): Lisa Boynton (half), Trevor Cartier (step), Jamieson King (half), Emery ? (step), Mark Harris (adoptive)

Spouse: Andrew Philip Billyard

Child: Bryce Malachi Billyard

Life Events:
May 30   Born in Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [1, 2]
Dec 16   Adopted by Joan Patricia Horswill in Pickering, Ontario, Canada      [7]
Jul 4   Married Andrew Philip Billyard in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada      [3, 4]
 Their marriage was performed by Justice of the Peace John J. Campbell. Witnessed by John Gordon Wilson & Eileen Anne Joan Billyard
Aug 23   First day of Common Law with Andrew Philip Billyard in Apt B, 6088 South Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada      [5]
Mar 23     - birth of son Bryce Malachi Billyard in Kingston, Ontario, Canada      [4, 6]

Notes Jane was born after 38 weeks of pregnancy and weighed 6lbs, 1.5oz. She was named Jay Lynn Jinks and was later adopted with the name Roberta Jane Harris.

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