Billyard Genealogy: Eileen Anne Joan Billyard

Eileen Anne Joan Billyard   

Parents: Robert Milo Billyard & Evelyn Kathleen Dawe

Siblings (6): Milo Henry Billyard, William Craig Billyard, Robert Kenneth Billyard, Jesse David Billyard, Pearl Alexandria Billyard, Andrew Philip Billyard

Spouse: John Gordon Wilson

Child: John Robert Andrew Wilson

Life Events:
Apr 20   Born in Trenton Memorial Hospital, Trenton, Ontario, Canada      [1]
Feb 20   Baptised in St Paul's United Church, Stirling, Ontario, Canada      [2]
Oct 19   Married John Gordon Wilson in St Andrew's Presbyterian, Norwood, Ontario, Canada      [5, 9]
 . Witnessed by Donald James Wilson & Kimberly Nelson
Jan 24     - birth of son John Robert Andrew Wilson in Peterborough Civic Hospital, Peterborough, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada      [4]
Lived on Lot 81 Concession 1, Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada      [1]
Lived on Lot 6 Concession 6, Frankford, Ontario, Canada      [3]
Lived on Frankford Road, Stirling, Ontario, Canada      [4]
 the home was known as the "Clapper House"
Lived at 74 John Myers Road, Stirling, Ontario, Canada      [5]
Lived at 89 Albert Street, Hastings, Ontario, Canada      [4]
 house no longer exists.
Lived in RR #3, Havelock, Ontario, Canada
Dec 10   Died in Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada      [2, 6, 7]
Dec 15   Cremated in Lakefield Cemetery and Crematorium, 1262 Buckhorn Road, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada      [6, 8]
Witness to the marriage of Andrew Philip Billyard & Roberta Jane Harris


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