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To search the genealogy database, provide your required information in the fields above and then click the "Search" button. Fields left blank will not be used as search criteria.

For example, to find all Billyards whose birth years were on or before 1900, enter "Billyard" in the surname field, select "Births" and enter 1900 in the "to year" field (it is unnecessary in this case to specify the "from year").

Searching By Name:
          Enter a name (case insensitive) in the surname or given name fields.
Click here to see a list of surnames and their frequency of occurrence in the database. You can also search the surname by either soundex codes or metaphone codes. For example, typing "Billiard" and choosing the soundex option will return all instances of Billiard, Biliard, Billyard and other similar spellings. Click here to see a list of surnames by soundex code. Click here to see a list of surnames by metaphone code.

Searching By Date:
          Date fields on this page accept only four-digit years. For example, to find everyone born between 1700 and 1799, enter "1699" (no quotes) in the born after field and "1800" in the born before field. Note that some dates are unknown. If you wish to include people with unknown dates, click the check boxes at the bottom of the page.

Searching By Place:
          Enter a country or province name here. Two-letter abbreviations are okay for provinces. If you want to search for multiple places, enter each location separated by a comma. For example, to search for people born in North or South Carolina, enter "NC, SC" in the birth place field. Click here to see a list of valid place names and their frequency of occurrence in the database.

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