Billyard Genealogy: Joan Patricia Horswill

Joan Patricia Horswill   

Parents: & Alice Maud Mary Richman (b. 1898)

Siblings (2): Henry Frederick Horswill (half) (b. 1920), Beryl Catherine Horswill (half) (b. 1924)

Partners (2): Robert Harris

Children (2): Mark Harris, Roberta Jane Harris (adopted)

Life Events:
Dec 16   Born in Maternity Hospital, 396 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London, England      [1]
  Partnered with Robert Harris
Jun 25     - birth of son Mark Harris
Dec 16     - adoption of daughter Roberta Jane Harris in Pickering, Ontario, Canada      [2]

Notes Joan moved from England to Canada on the 19th of January, 1957

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   [1] - English Birth Registry for Joan Patricia Horswell (GRO, Q3 1928, Stepney registration district, v01c p421 c497)
   [2] - Ontario Adoption Order for Jay Lynn Jinks (officiated by Judge Alex C. Hall)

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