Billyard Genealogy: John A. Billyard

John A. Billyard (1833-1836)   

Parents: Edward Billyard (1804-1868) & Martha Andrews (1808-1885)

Siblings (2): William Henry Billyard (1830-1906), Mary Frances (b. 1831)

Life Events:
1833Jul 30   Born      [1]
1836Oct 12   [3y, 2m, 12d] Died      [2]
  Buried in Hunts Corner's Cemetery, 1131 Hunts Corners - Akron Road, Clarence, Erie County, New York State, United States

Notes John's birth year was inferred from his gravestone which states that he was 3 years, 2 months and 12 days old.

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   [1] - Transcription of Hunts Corner's Cemetery (
   [2] - Hunt's Corners Cemetery, 1131 Hunts Corners - Akron Road, Town of Clarence, Erie County, New York, United States

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