Billyard Genealogy: Henry Clay Granger

Henry Clay Granger (b. 1887)

Occupation: Farmer (1909)

Parents: Gid Granger & Renas R Lahring

Spouse: Della Ruth Billyard (b. 1888)

Life Events:
~1887   Born in Argentine Township, Genesee County, Michigan, United States      [1]
1909Mar 21   [21-22y] Married Della Ruth Billyard (b. 1888) in Bay City, Michigan, United States      [2, 3]
 Married by Charles K. Patchell. Witnessed by Francis Samuel Billyard (b. 1883) & Bertha Kohn (b. 1883)

Notes Henry was living in Gaines at the time of his marriage to Della.

          Relationship Algorithm Ancestral vitals

   [1] - Genesee County (MI) Marriage Record for George E. Raymond and Eunice A. Billyard (1906, Book V07, Page 151, Record 7375)
   [2] - Genesee County (MI) Marriage Record for Henry C. Granger and Della Billyard (1909, Book V07, Page 220, Record 8408)
   [3] - Carol (née Bickford) Lang

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