Billyard Genealogy: Bertha Kohn

Bertha Kohn (b. 1883)   

Spouse: Francis Samuel Billyard (b. 1883)

Life Events:
1883-1884 Born
~1907   [23-24y] Married Francis Samuel Billyard (b. 1883)      [1]
 ?    Lived in West Thomas, Bay City, Michigan, United States      [1]
Witness to the marriage of Henry Clay Granger & Della Ruth Billyard

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Occ. Father's Birth Mother's Birth
1930 Bertha Billyard 46 Michigan none Germany Germany


          Relationship Algorithm Ancestral vitals

   [1] - 1930 Census [Bay City (1), Bay County, Michigan, United States, row 46]

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