Billyard Genealogy: Ada Emily Queenie Jinks

Ada Emily Queenie Jinks (b. 1901)   
(Ida, Ada Emily Elizabeth)

Known As: Ida, Ada Emily Elizabeth

Parents: Arthur Edward Thomas Jinks (b. 1879) &

Siblings (10): Sylvia Lily May Jinks (b. 1904), Edna Violet Eva Jinks (b. 1906), Esther Elizabeth Florence Jinks (1907-1911), Arthur Edward Thomas Jinks (b. 1910), Dorothy Evelyn Mabel Jinks (b. 1912), Robert Alfred Mike Jinks (b. 1913), Rose Alice Jinks (b. 1914), Charles Edward Jinks (b. 1916), Irene Pearl Jinks (b. 1918), Jonathan Wilbur Jinks (b. 1919)

Life Events:
1901Dec 31   Born at 20 Berridge Road, Norwood, London, England      [1]
1909Apr 22   [7y, 3m, 22d] Emigrated from England      [2, 3]
  "May 1   [7y, 4m, 1d] Immigrated to Oakville, Ontario, Canada      [3]
 aboard S.S. Canada from Liverpool, England, to Quebec City, Canada. Passenger list indicates that Oakville was the final destination.
 ?   Apr   Died in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, United States

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Birth Date Religion Origin Occ. Immi­grated
1911 Ida Emily Quinn Jinks 9 England December 1901 Anglican English none 1909

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   [1] - English Birth Registry for Ada Emily Queenie Jinks (GRO 1901, v1d, p505, c439)
   [2] - UK outward passenger list for the ship S.S. Canada (22 Apr 1909, p2).
   [3] - Passenger list from the ship Canada (1 May 1909, p7).

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