Billyard Genealogy: John Crowe

John Crowe (1711-~1800)

Spouse: Margaret Batley (1714-~1780)

Children (8): Margaret Billiard (step) (b. ≤1744), Gertrude Billyard (step) (≤1745-~1764), Nathaniel Billyard (step) (≤1746-~1763), Richard Burton Billyard (step) (≤1748-~1750), Elizabeth Billyard (step) (b. ≤1749), Frances Billyard (step) (≤1750-~1763), Mary Billyard (step) (≤1751-~1757), Richard Billyard (step) (1753-1822)

Life Events:
~1711   Born      [1]
1773May 21   [61-62y] Married Margaret Batley (1714-~1780) in Frampton, Lincolnshire, England      [3]
 In the marriage records, Margaret was listed as a widow and Elizabeth Billyard (witness) was listed as Elizabeth Mawbray. Married by John Cathrop, Victar of Kirton. Witnessed by Elizabeth Billyard (b. ≤1749) & Samuel Crow
1800Jun 16   [88-89y] Buried in Frampton, Lincolnshire, England      [2]

Notes In the [2], there is a burial for a “Mary wife of John Crow”, an 89 year old woman buried 2 Sept 1792, suggesting that John remarried after Margaret's death. However, a marriage record has yet to be found to confirm this.

          Relationship Algorithm Ancestral vitals

   [1] - Inferred from burial record
   [2] - Frampton Parish Baptism Records 1749-1752 (FRAMPTON PAR/1/3)
   [3] - Frampton Parish Marriage Records 1765-1812 (FRAMPTON PAR/1/5)

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