Billyard Genealogy: Margaret Billiard

Margaret Billiard (b. ≤1744)   

Parents: Nathaniel Billyead (1709-1767) & Margaret Batley (1714-~1780)

Siblings (7): Gertrude Billyard (≤1745-~1764), Nathaniel Billyard (≤1746-~1763), Richard Burton Billyard (≤1748-~1750), Elizabeth Billyard (b. ≤1749), Frances Billyard (≤1750-~1763), Mary Billyard (≤1751-~1757), Richard Billyard (1753-1822)

Spouse: Edward Baker

Children (3): Francis Baker (b. 1769), William Baker (b. 1770), Mary Baker (b. 1773)

Life Events:
1744 Aug 16 (JC)  Baptised in Wyberton, Lincolnshire, England      [1]
1767Sep 3   [23y, 7d] Married Edward Baker in Frampton, Lincolnshire, England      [2]
 Married by Thomas Bateman, Vicar. Witnessed by Elizabeth Billyard (b. ≤1749) & Ann Trinnard
~1769   [24-25y]   - birth of son Francis Baker (b. 1769)
~1770   [25-26y]   - birth of son William Baker (b. 1770)
1773 [28-29y]   - birth of daughter Mary Baker (b. 1773)

Notes Margaret and her parents show up in the 1744 Wyberton Parish Records in a single line: “Aug 16. Margaret Daughter of Nathaniel Billiard Martha his Wife. Baptized.” One year later in the same records, the baptism of Gertrude Billyard, daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret Billyard, is recorded. It is not clear why the clerk wrote “Martha”; opening the possibility that there was another Nathaniel Billiard in the area with a different family.

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   [1] - Wyberton Parish Records 1538-1773 (WYBERTON PAR/1/1)
   [2] - Frampton Parish Marriage Records 1765-1812 (FRAMPTON PAR/1/5)

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