Billyard Genealogy: Dorothy May Billyard

Dorothy May Billyard   

Parents: Charles Earnest Billyard (b. 1886) & Elizabeth Katherine Gear (b. 1899)

Siblings (6): Hazel Billyard, Norman Billyard (half) (b. 1909), Charles Billyard (half) (1910-1915), Ettie Billyard (half) (1911-1912), Murry Billyard (half) (1912-1912), Gordon Billyard (half) (1913-1913)

Partner: James Edward Curl (b. 1920)

Child: Patricia Curl

Life Events:
  Partnered with James Edward Curl (b. 1920)
    - birth of daughter Patricia Curl
Jun 8   Died      [1]
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   [1] - Patricia Nowell

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