Billyard Genealogy: Frank Hutton

Frank Hutton

Parents: John Hutton (1803-1900) & Elizabeth Mason

Siblings (16): Albert Hutton (b. 1845), Robert Hutton (b. 1846), William Hutton, Phoebe Hutton (b. 1849), Edward Hutton (b. 1850), John Hutton (b. 1853), Elizabeth Hutton (b. 1854), Eleanor Hutton (b. 1855), Fanny Hutton (b. 1858), Robert Hutton (b. 1846), Harriet Hannah Hutton (half) (b. 1865), Thomas Hutton (half) (b. 1869), Charles Hutton (half) (b. 1870), William Billyard (step) (1847-1927), Henriette Billyard (step) (1849-1860), Elizabeth Hainsworth Billyard (step) (b. 1852)

Partners (2): Ella Watson, A. A. Coleman

Life Events:
  Born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  Partnered with Ella Watson
  Partnered with A. A. Coleman
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