Billyard Genealogy: George Edward Billyard

George Edward Billyard   

Parents: Norman James Billyard (b. 1913) & Grace Sheppard

Siblings (5): "Baby" Billyard, Norma Billyard, Linda Billyard, Gerald Norman Billyard (half), David Billyard (half)

Partners (2): Helen Elizabeth Paine, Doris Tosz

Children (6): Scott Billyard, Shelley Billyard, Laurie Billyard, Bradley Billyard, Bruce Beauchamp (step), Steven Beauchamp (step)

Life Events:
  Partnered with Helen Elizabeth Paine
    - birth of son Scott Billyard
    - birth of daughter Shelley Billyard
    - birth of daughter Laurie Billyard
    - birth of son Bradley Billyard
  Partnered with Doris Tosz
Feb 13   Died in Haldimand War Memorial Hospital, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada      [1]

Notes According to his obituary, George also had three step children: Bruce, Katherine and Sandra. It is never stated if these were the children of Doris from another marriage.

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   [1] - Obituary for George Edward Billyard

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