Billyard Genealogy: Grace Sheppard

Grace Sheppard   

Partner: Norman James Billyard (b. 1913)

Children (6): "Baby" Billyard, George Edward Billyard, Norma Billyard, Linda Billyard, Gerald Norman Billyard (step), David Billyard (step)

Life Events:
  Born in Viniland, Ontario, Canada      [1]
  Partnered with Norman James Billyard (b. 1913)
Feb 28     - birth of son "Baby" Billyard in Port Dalhousie, Grantham Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada      [1]
    - birth of son George Edward Billyard      [2]
    - birth of daughter Norma Billyard
    - birth of daughter Linda Billyard
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   [1] - Ontario Death Registry (1930:22893)
   [2] - Obituary for George Edward Billyard

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