Billyard Genealogy: Mary Elizabeth McManus

Mary Elizabeth McManus (b. 1853)   

Parents: John C. McManus & Sarah Ann Dunn

Spouses / Partners (2): Valentine Klapp (b. 1858)

Life Events:
1853-1854 Born in New York City, United States      [1]
1896Feb 18   [42-43y] Married Valentine Klapp (b. 1858) in Windsor, Ontario, Canada      [1]
 Married by J.P. Hincks by license. Witnessed by C.G. Hincks & Georgina Hincks
 This marriage was inferred from Mary's next marriage to Valentine Klapp, the registry for which states that she was a widow and that her surname was Billiard.


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   [1] - Ontario Marriage Registry for Valentine Klapp and Mary Elizabeth Billiard (1896:03957)

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