Billyard Genealogy: Laura Victoria Stevenson

Laura Victoria Stevenson (1890-1918)   

Parents: Elisa Stevenson & Mary Owen

Spouse: Charles Earnest Billyard (b. 1886)

Children (5): Norman Billyard (step) (b. 1909), Charles Billyard (step) (1910-1915), Ettie Billyard (step) (1911-1912), Murry Billyard (step) (1912-1912), Gordon Billyard (step) (1913-1913)

Life Events:
1890Jun 28   Born in South Norwich, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada      [1, 2]
1918Mar 1   [27y, 8m, 1d] Married Charles Earnest Billyard (b. 1886) in Welland, Ontario, Canada      [3]
 Married by William Hoffman. Witnessed by Bertha Secord & Cyrus Secord
  "Dec 30   [28y, 6m, 2d] Died in Tillsonburg hospital, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada      [2]

Notes Laura's death registry [2] which states that she died at the age of 26 years old, implies a birth year of 1892-1893.

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   [1] - Ontario Birth Registry for Laura Victoria Stevenson (1890:24832)
   [2] - Ontario Death Registry for Laura (née Stevenson) Billyard (1918:45589)
   [3] - Ontario Marriage Registry for Charles Earnest Billyard and Laura Stevenson (1918:19300)

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