Billyard Genealogy: Gertrude Alexandra Crysler

Gertrude Alexandra Crysler (b. 1927)   

Known As: Zandra

Spouse: Ernest Elmer Billyard (b. 1925)

Children (6): Roger Billyard, Rebecca Dorothy Billyard, Randy Billyard, Roy Billyard, Ramon Lloyd Billyard, Ralph Billyard

Life Events:
1927Sep 3   Born      [1]
  Married Ernest Elmer Billyard (b. 1925)
Nov 26     - birth of son Roger Billyard      [3]
Feb 3     - birth of daughter Rebecca Dorothy Billyard in Millard Fillmore Hospital (3 Gates Circle), Buffalo, Erie County, New York State, United States      [4]
    - birth of son Randy Billyard
    - birth of son Roy Billyard
    - birth of son Ramon Lloyd Billyard in Batavia, Genesee County, New York State, United States      [5]
    - birth of son Ralph Billyard
Jul 24   Died in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States      [1, 2]

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Origin Father's Birth Mother's Birth
1950 Gertrude H Billyard 22 Canada W Canada / England Canada / England

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   [1] - Obituary
   [2] - Becky (née Billyard) Hume
   [3] - Margaret (née Eberle) Billyard
   [4] - Rebecca (née Billyard) Hume
   [5] - Tammy (née Ranshaw) Billyard

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