Billyard Genealogy: Mary Alice Billyard

Mary Alice Billyard (b. 1855)   

Parents: William Whaley Billyard (≤1815-1903) & Elizabeth Cooke (1824-1905)

Siblings (9): Thomas De Kirketon Billyard (1842-1876), William Whaley Billyard (b. 1844), Philip St. George Billyard (1846-1846), Josephine Harriet Billyard (b. 1848), Farquhar Sydney Billyard (b. 1850), Elizabeth Anna Billyard (b. 1852), Beatrice Ida Billyard (b. 1857), Charles Arthur Moresby Billyard (b. 1859), Blanche Frances Billyard (b. 1863)

Spouse: William Henry Moseley (1833-1919)

Children (4): William Charles Moseley (b. 1877), Arthur Henry Moseley (b. 1878), Mary Elizabeth Moseley (b. 1879), Helen Margaret Moseley (b. 1890)

Life Events:
1855Jan 31   Born in Neutral Bay, New South Wales, Australia      [1, 2]
1876Jul 25   [21y, 5m, 25d] Married William Henry Moseley (1833-1919) in St John's Church of England, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia      [1]
1877Jul 10   [22y, 5m, 10d]   - birth of son William Charles Moseley (b. 1877) in Milton, East Markham, Nottinghamshire, England      [1]
1878 [22-23y]   - birth of son Arthur Henry Moseley (b. 1878) in Milton, East Markham, Nottinghamshire, England      [1]
1879Apr 28   [24y, 2m, 28d]   - birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth Moseley (b. 1879) in South Kensington, London, England      [1]
1890Aug 22   [35y, 6m, 22d]   - birth of daughter Helen Margaret Moseley (b. 1890) in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia      [1]
 ?   Sep 3   Died in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia      [1]

Notes also reports that Mary Alice was “Born in 1855, Nottingham, England”

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   [2] - Family History Library, Salt Lake City (

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