Billyard Genealogy: Edward E. Vincent

Edward E. Vincent (b. 1926)   

Known As: Junior

Occupation: telephone company

Parents: Edward E. Vincent (b. 1893) & Mabel Estella Billyard (b. 1896)

Siblings (8): Hazel Irene Vincent (b. 1914), Donald Vincent (b. 1916), Dorothy Evelyn Vincent (b. 1918), Willis Duane Vincent (b. 1920), Roland Ralph Vincent (b. 1922), Jessie Ruth Vincent (1924-1925), Delmar Ray Vincent (1927-1927), Baby Boy Vincent

Partners (2): Mildred Brown, Mary X

Children (4): Mark Vincent, Melanie Vincent, Cindy Vincent, Scott Vincent

Life Events:
1926Apr 11   Born in Linden, Genesee County, Michigan, United States      [1]
  Partnered with Mildred Brown
 Married either in Michigan or Washington state.
    - birth of son Mark Vincent
    - birth of daughter Melanie Vincent
    - birth of daughter Cindy Vincent
    - birth of son Scott Vincent
  Married Mary X in California, United States

Notes Edward Jr. adopted Mary Jane's children from previous marriage

          Ancestral Chart Relationship Algorithm Ancestral vitals

   [1] - Carol (née Bickford) Lang

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