Billyard Genealogy: Edna Beatrice Bell

Edna Beatrice Bell (b. 1897)   

Parents: Charles Henry Bell (b. 1871) & Mary C. Tyrrell (b. 1869)

Siblings (7): Delbert Otto Bell (b. 1895), Lewis Tyrell Bell (b. 1899), Gertrude Cora Bell (b. 1901), Bessie Jane Bell (b. 1906), Charles H Bell (b. 1906), Richard Nelson Bell (b. 1909), William Willoughby Bell

Partner: Augustus David Johnson

Life Events:
1897May 25   Born      [1]
  Partnered with Augustus David Johnson
Aug 21   Died      [1]
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   [1] - The Rick Bell Family Archives (Brock University,

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