Billyard Genealogy: James Billyard

James Billyard   

Parents: Charles Earnest Billyard (b. 1908) & Alice Evelena Crooks (b. 1907)

Siblings (13): John Billyard, Ralph Billyard, Betty Billyard, Christine Billyard, Bobby Billyard (half), George Ernest Billyard (half), Alice Marie Billyard (half), Teressa Jean Billyard (half), Valerie Lorriane Billyard (half), June Wray Billyard (half), Kenneth Michael Billyard (half), Mary Elizabeth Cassidy (step), Marlene Margaret Anne Cassidy (step)

Life Events:
Dec 31   Born in McMaster Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada      [1]
Jan 2   Died in McMaster Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada      [1]
Jan 3   Buried in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada      [1]

Notes James died of congenital atelectasis, surviving for only 1 day and seven hours.

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   [1] - Ontario Death Registry for James Billyard (1938:037233)

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