Billyard Genealogy: Richard Bilyard

Richard Bilyard (d. 1704)   
(Billyard, Bilyead)

Spouse: Elizabeth Bratchey

Children (6): Nathaniel Bilyard (b. 1678), Richard Bilyard (b. 1678), Katherin Bilyard (d. ~1682), Mary Bilyard (d. ~1682), Elizabeth Dannitt (step) (b. ≤1662), Mary Dannitt (step) (b. ≤1670)

Life Events:
1673 Apr 8 (JC)  Married Elizabeth Bratchey in Edlington, Lincolnshire, England      [1]
 Parish record reads "Richard Billyard & Elizabeth Dannott widd[ow] marr[ied] 8th Apr `p Licenc concell p Cur Dat 19 Marcij 1672', the latter likely being Latin shorthand to mean "by licence granted by the court 19 March 1672" (or "by the curate", depending on what Cur means).
1678   - birth of son Nathaniel Bilyard (b. 1678)      [2]
  "   - birth of son Richard Bilyard (b. 1678)
 ?        - birth of daughter Katherin Bilyard (d. ~1682)
 ?        - birth of daughter Mary Bilyard (d. ~1682)
1704 Died in Edlington, Lincolnshire, England

Notes In 1699, Richard's will mentions the following family members: (1) his wife Elizabeth, (2) his son Nathaniel (over 21 years old), (3) Nathaniel's three children (boys, all under 21) (4) his son Richard (under 21 years old), (5) an unnamed daughter-in-law (“son's wife”, perhaps implying a son who passed away), (6) a daughter-in-law Mary Chambers (7) Mary Chamber's two sons under 21, (8) Elizabeth Cotton, daughter to a Robert Chambers (but no indication how Mary Chambers and Robert Chambers are related), (9) grandchildren John Wright, Hannah Wright and Elizabeth Wright.

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   [1] - Edlington Parish Records 1561-1713 (EDLINGTON PAR/1/1)
   [2] - Will of Richard Bilyard 1699 (LCC WILLS/1704/54)

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