Billyard Genealogy: James Henry Little

James Henry Little (b. 1893)   

Parents: Walter Lewis Little (b. 1857) & Francis Elizabeth Graves (b. 1860)

Siblings (11): William Walter Little (b. 1880), John Thomas Little (b. 1882), Susie Ann Little (b. 1883), George Richard Little (b. 1885), Samuel Franklin Little (b. 1886), Anna Little (b. 1888), Rachael Elizabeth Little (b. 1888), Mary Helen Little (b. 1890), Elmer Ethel Little (b. 1892), Charles Benjamin Little (b. 1896), Laura Little (1905-1907)

Spouse: Maud Emma Clara Bell (b. 1904)

Child: James Henry Little

Life Events:
1893Dec 4   Born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada      [1, 2, 3]
Dec 14   Married Maud Emma Clara Bell (b. 1904) at 29 North Street, Saint Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada      [5]
 James and Clara were married by Reverand J. Y. Dawson (Methodist); his wife was the other witness to the marriage. Note that on the marriage certificate, Clara's mother is listed as "Nellie Cummings" rather than "Nellie Fletcher". Cummings was the surnameof Nellie's step father. Witnessed by & Kenneth Fred Bell (b. 1910)
Sep 7     - birth of son James Henry Little in St Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada      [4]
Lived at 1693 Peer Street, Niagara Falls, Welland County, Ontario, Canada      [4]

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Birth Date Religion Origin Occ.
1905 James Little 11 Canada     B At School (7)
1911       '' 17 Ontario December 1893 Methodist Negro Teamster

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