Billyard Genealogy: William Arnold

William Arnold   

Children (2): Benedict Arnold, Stephen Arnold

Life Events:
  Born in England
    - birth of son Benedict Arnold
    - birth of son Stephen Arnold

Notes According to [1], William Arnold “had settled in Hingham (near Boston), Mass., in 1635, but followed Roger Williams in 1636 to Providence, where, along with John Green I, he became one of the founders of the first Baptist church west of the Atlantic. This William Arnold was the great-great-grandfather of Major-General Benedict Arnold (1741-1801), a famous figure in the Revolutionary War until malicious persecution by lesser men drove him into defection to his wife's Loyalist side.”

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   [1] - Watson Kirkconnell, 1976, "Climbing the Green Tree and Some Other Branches", Watson Kirkconnell, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

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