Billyard Genealogy: Charles Moyer

Charles Moyer (b. 1906)   

Occupation: Bookkeeper (1957)

Spouse: Annie Beachy Threader (b. 1911)

Children (3): Lawrence Charles Moyer, Jim Moyer, Caroline Moyer

Life Events:
1906Apr 13   Born in Ontario, Canada      [1]
  Married Annie Beachy Threader (b. 1911)      [2]
Jul 31     - birth of son Lawrence Charles Moyer in Buffalo, Erie County, New York State, United States      [3]
    - birth of son Jim Moyer
    - birth of daughter Caroline Moyer
Jul 30   Died in Buena Vista Lodge, Orillia, Ontario, Canada      [1]
  Buried in Lockport Cemetery, Lockport, Erie County, New York State, United States      [1]

Notes Charles died of coronary thrombosis.

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   [1] - American Foreign Service Report of the Death of an American Citizen, 1910-1962, #242.113/8-2157.
   [2] - Inferred from census records
   [3] - US Social Insurance Death Index, 1935-2014.

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