Billyard Genealogy: Eileen Anne Dawe

Eileen Anne Dawe   

Parents: William Clarence Dawe (b. 1913) & Pearl Alexandra Yetman (b. 1913)

Siblings (4): Jaqueline Joan Dawe, Evelyn Kathleen Dawe, Valerie June Dawe, Kathleen Dawe

Life Events:
Mar 19   Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [1]
Lived at 23 Shudell Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [1]
Jun 27   Died in Belleville General Hospital, Belleville, Ontario, Canada      [2, 3]
between Jun 27 and Jul 11   Cremated in Elmwood Crematorium, 412 River Road, Corbyville, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada      [3]
Jul 11   Buried in Stirling Cemetery, Stirling, Ontario, Canada      [4]


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   [1] - Ontario Birth Registry for Eileen Anne Dawe (1940:007194)
   [2] - Jenny Grabowsky
   [3] - Funeral proof of death for Eileen Anne Dawe
   [4] - Andrew Philip Billyard (first hand)

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