Billyard Genealogy: John Cotton

John Cotton   

Occupation: Game Keeper (1828) in Wheathamstead

Partner: Hannah Threader

Children (3): Gilbert Threader, Elizabeth Threader (b. 1827), Henry Threader (step) (b. 1825)

Life Events:
 ?      Partnered with Hannah Threader
 ?        - birth of son Gilbert Threader
1827Sep 13     - birth of daughter Elizabeth Threader (b. 1827) in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England      [1, 2]

Notes In 1828, a Bastard Order was made against John, in which he had to pay the Church of England 2 shillings per week to raise his daughter Elizabeth. He also owed the Church 1 pound sterling and 8 shillings to cover the costs the Church had incurred in apprehending and securing him. Subsequently, in a document written by the overseers of the parish (dated 1832) that lists all the bastards they are liable for in the parish, it is stated that John payed the church 1 shilling and 6 pence per week for the Church's rearing of Gill Threader

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   [1] - 1828 Bastard Order against John Cotton
   [2] - 1881 Census

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