Billyard Genealogy: Matilda Johanna Reynolds

Matilda Johanna Reynolds (b. 1851)   

Spouse: Charles Edward Stewart (b. 1844)

Child: Clara M Stewart (b. 1877)

Life Events:
~1851   Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina      [1]
1873 [21-22y] Married Charles Edward Stewart (b. 1844) in Eton, Middlesex, England      [2]
 Marriage was in the first quarter of 1873 and registered in Eton.
~1877   [25-26y]   - birth of daughter Clara M Stewart (b. 1877) in Pimlico, Middlesex, England      [1]
1881 [29-30y] Lived in Stoke Lodge, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, England      [1]

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth
1881 Matilda J Stewart 30 Bonas Ayres, S. A.


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   [1] - 1881 Census [Stoke Poges (1), Buckinghamshire, England, row 23]
   [2] - English Marriage Index for Charles Edward Stewart and Matilda Johanna Reynolds (GRO Q1, Eton registration district, 1873, v3a p459)

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