Billyard Genealogy: Phillis Keast

Phillis Keast (1836-1861)

Parent: John Keast & ? ?

Spouse: Thomas George Julian (b. 1836)

Children (2): William Henry Julian (b. 1859), Phillis Julian (b. 1860)

Life Events:
~1836   Born      [1]
1841 [4-5y] Lived in Leorin Gate, Gwennap, Cornwall, England      [2]
1858Nov 18   [21-22y] Married Thomas George Julian (b. 1836) in Kenwyn, Cornwall, England      [1]
 Married after banns by John Thomas Haulby. Both were living in Walsingham Place at the time of marriage. Witnessed by Henry Perry & Ellen Julian (b. 1840)
~1859   [22-23y]   - birth of son William Henry Julian (b. 1859) in Truro, Cornwall, England      [3]
1860Oct 22   [23-24y]   - birth of daughter Phillis Julian (b. 1860) on Carclew Street, Kenwyn, Truro, Cornwall, England      [4]
1861Apr   [24-25y] Died      [3]

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth
1841 Phillis Keast 3 y

Notes Uncertain that the individual named in this census record is the same as this Phillis Keast.

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   [1] - English Marriage Registry for Thomas George Julian and Phillis Keast (GRO 4th Quart 1858 v5c p297 c445)
   [2] - 1841 Census [Gwennap (1), Cornwall, England, row 8]
   [3] - Inferred from census records
   [4] - English Birth Registry for Phillis Julian (GRO, Q4 1860, Truro registration district, v5c p174 c99)

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