Billyard Genealogy: William Green

William Green (b. 1851)   

Occupation: Engineer (1885)

Parents: William Green & Sophia X

Spouse: Rosetta Senkin (b. 1863)

Life Events:
1851 Born in Crowland Township, Welland County, Ontario, Canada      [1]
1885Nov 1   [33-34y] Married Rosetta Senkin (b. 1863) in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada      [1]
 Married by licence by Jno. H. Cooley, methodist. Witnessed by James Eaton ? & Maria Smith

Notes According to his marriage registry to Rosetta Senkin, William was living in Niagara Falls, New York State, at the time of his marriage.

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   [1] - Ontario Marriage Registry for William Green and Rosetta Senkin (1885:14691)

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