Billyard Genealogy: Harriet Jane Treweek-Stevens

Harriet Jane Treweek-Stevens (b. 1882)   
(Stevens, Dawe)

Known As: Jane

Parents: John Stevens & Harriet Lawrence

Spouse: Thomas Charles Dawe (b. 1882)

Children (3): Charles Thomas Dawe (b. 1909), Brian Dawe, Doris Janes Dawe (b. 1910)

Life Events:
1882Sep   Born in Lizard Point, Cornwall, England      [1]
1907Jan 2   [24y, 4m] Lived at 1061 Shaw Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  "Oct 21   [25y, 1m] Married Thomas Charles Dawe (b. 1882) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [3]
 Married by J. S. Broughall (Episcopal). Witnessed by Percy Offord & Martha Stanley Gillett
1909Jan 2   [26y, 4m]   - birth of son Charles Thomas Dawe (b. 1909) in York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [1, 4]
1910Oct 23   [≥28y, 1m] Lived at 28 Salem Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [1, 2]
  "Oct 24   [28y, 1m]   - birth of daughter Doris Janes Dawe (b. 1910) in York County, Ontario, Canada      [1, 2]
 ?        - birth of son Brian Dawe
Witness to the marriage of William George Dawe & Emma Lottie Julian

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Birth Date Religion Origin Occ. Immi­grated
1911 Harriett Dawe 28 England Sept 1882 Anglican English none 1907


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   [1] - 1911 Census [Toronto West (2), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, row 35]
   [2] - Ontario Birth Registry for Doris Dawe (1910:08753)
   [3] - Ontario Marriage Registry (1907:04148) for Thomas Charles Dawe and Harriett Jane Stevens
   [4] - Ontario Birth Registry for Charles Thomas Dawe (1907:01717)

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