Billyard Genealogy: Wilbert Ross Billyard

Wilbert Ross Billyard   

Parents: Archibald R. Billyard (b. 1910) & Annabelle Cassidy

Siblings (3): Edna Wells (half), Marion Wells (half), James Wells (half)

Partners (3): Beatrice Stewart, Jessie Potts, Carolyn Forrest

Children (7): Anne Sims, Ross Alan Billyard, Donald Billyard, Daniel Robert Potts, Elizabeth Mabel Billyard, Christina Jean Billyard, Timothy Billyard

Life Events:
  Partnered with Beatrice Stewart
    - birth of daughter Anne Sims
    - birth of son Ross Alan Billyard      [3]
  Partnered with Jessie Potts
    - birth of son Donald Billyard
Sep 15     - birth of son Daniel Robert Potts in Hagersville, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada      [4]
Oct 1     - birth of daughter Elizabeth Mabel Billyard in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada      [4]
Sep 9     - birth of daughter Christina Jean Billyard in Simcoe, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada      [4]
  Partnered with Carolyn Forrest
Feb     - birth of son Timothy Billyard      [4]
Mar 18   Died in Port Colborne General Hospital, Port Colborne, Welland County, Ontario, Canada      [1]
  Buried in Ridgeville Cemetery, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada      [1, 2]

Notes According to [1], Wilbert Ross was 30 years old when he died; his death was due to injuries in a car crash.

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   [1] - Riverside Cemetery Records (via Ron Carnes)
   [2] - Obituary for Wilbert Ross Billyard
   [3] - Obituary for Ross Alan Sims
   [4] - Christina (née Billyard) Madison

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