Billyard Genealogy: Clarence J. Billyard

Clarence J. Billyard (b. 1921)   

Parents: Clarence Fydel Billyard (b. 1878) & Ella Vaughn (b. 1891)

Siblings (7): Stella Billyard, Alice Billyard (b. 1914), Charles H. Billyard (b. 1915), Daniel C. Billyard (b. 1918), Emery James Billyard (b. 1926), Dortha E. Billyard (b. 1926), Merle Billyard (half)

Partner: Betty Stuck

Children (3): Calvin J. Billyard, Robert Billyard, Gary Billyard

Life Events:
1921Feb 13   Born in Eldred, McKean County, Pennsylvania, United States      [1, 2]
  Partnered with Betty Stuck
Sep 26     - birth of son Calvin J. Billyard      [2]
    - birth of son Robert Billyard
Feb 14     - birth of son Gary Billyard      [2]
Nov 27   Died      [2]

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Occ. Father's Birth Mother's Birth
1930 Clarence J Billyards 9 Pennsylvania none New York Pennsylvania
1940 Clarence J Billyard 19      '' New Worker    

Notes Social Security number issued in Pennsylvannia

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   [1] - Dortha (née Billyard) Springstead [birth place]
   [2] - Social Security Death Index

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