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20 Jul 2024 (Sat) @ 6:17pm

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Detlef Hoyer20 Feb 2024 (Tue) @ 2:54pm
I send an e-mail to, but it returned with an error. Could you put aright e-mail address ? Greetings Detlef Hoyer

Sandra Brawley12 Jan 2024 (Fri) @ 5:59am
What is your connection to the Lucci family? We used to visit Foster and Shirley Lucci and family in the 60's as they were related to my mothers dad's (my grandpa) side of the family. They lived in Buffalo at that time but I believe they ended up in Las Vegas.

Jay Billyard11 Jan 2024 (Thu) @ 11:38am
Hi Alex. I came across this site on a Google search. Are you related to Alan Billyard from Welland? I am his son. I haven’t had contact with him in 40 years but I’m interested in doing my genealogy on his side. Thanks.

Samantha Dawe16 Nov 2023 (Thu) @ 9:23am
Hello – I came across your site at random. I am Samantha Dawe (now Madle) grand daughter of Christian Arthur Dawe (of Falmouth Cornwall). My father was Gerald Dawe. His brother was Raymond and his mother Elethea.I would be interested to know more about the family tree! I know that I was told a part of the family emigrated to Canada.Randomly I went to Kitchener Waterloo to do some fieldwork for my geography studies in 1985! Are you based at the University of Waterloo in Canada?

Mary7 Sep 2022 (Wed) @ 0:35am
Hi my name is Mary I am the daughter  of Kathy mudford  daughter  of Mabel doris and Robert mudford I am also trying  to complete a family tree on the side of robert but I have no information  for him .the job you have done is amazing. Anything  you have would be  great  Thank you  Mary ferris 

Cindy Peters21 Nov 2021 (Sun) @ 9:23pm
Hi Andrew! I am Trent Pearo’s mother as that info is missing plus my daughters name is Payton Alice Peters she is not a Pearo. Will you please add and change this information so that it’s correct. Thank you so very much and you’ve done an amazing job on your family tree. One day I hope I can look up my own ancestors as easily as this.

doug billyard21 Aug 2019 (Wed) @ 3:46pm
additional information for your family tree.... I'm the son of Jim Billyard (born 1935) in Welland Ontario. here is the Jim's family tree his first wife was Eileen Boccabella (born 1936) three sons, Jim (1956), Doug (1958), David (1961). Doug(1958) has two sons, Derek (1984) Sean (1985) you have Doreen as his wife, she was his second wife and has no children.

wolfex22 Feb 2018 (Thu) @ 5:54am
hi guys i am new here and need to know what i can post here? i have been searching blogs on different things and went through They have all subject related blogs and articles. I am a excellent animator just have a look

Stefan Demczyna28 Mar 2016 (Mon) @ 8:21pm
If you are the Andrew Billyard I think you are I was a friend of yours in high school and I rode your bus. We both grew up on Oak Lake

sandi18 Mar 2016 (Fri) @ 4:25pm
I am sorry the first part of my message disappeaaraed. I am the granddaughter of Charles H Billyard and Beatrice Bucher.

sandi18 Mar 2016 (Fri) @ 4:20pm
Beatrice Bucher died in 2010. Elizabeth Billyard died in 2007. Elizabeth had 3 dauughters and 1 son. The son passed away in 2015. If you would like more info let me know.

Lori9 Sep 2015 (Wed) @ 4:12pm
I am the grand-daughter of Elmer and Ivy Billyard (nee Knight), and daughter of Gail Billyard.

Dorothy Wintrip27 Feb 2015 (Fri) @ 11:53am
I emailed you way back in 2012 to tell you my grandmother was Lydia Susannah Billiard and was born in Great Yarmouth England Her parents moved up to Tynemouth on the northeast coast I now have information about the Billiards back to 1768

Dorothy Wintrip27 Feb 2015 (Fri) @ 11:50am
I emailed you way back in 2012 to tell you my grandmother was Lydia Susannah Billiard and was born in Great Yarmouth England Her parents moved up to Tynemouth on the northeast coast I now have information about the Billiards back to 1768

marilee stanton monroe9 Jul 2014 (Wed) @ 5:19pm
I have lost contact with andrew billyard many years ago and would like to renew information. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

John Miller25 Jan 2013 (Fri) @ 1:00pm
Hello, I am trying to find family information on the Billyard family. Mypart of the Billyard family came from Winnipeg, Canada approx 1918-1922. The family went to San Francisco. My grandmother's name was Ainsworth Billyard. Ainsworth siblings were: Lyle, Ronald Darrell, Bill or William, Oriville, Elenore, and Flora. Do any of these names ring a bell?

Loretta billyard5 Nov 2012 (Mon) @ 2:35pm
Hi, Andrew I hope i gave you some great information.I also have pictures of my dad.Plus i can't wait to meet Uncle Bobby & you. Chow, Chow

Loretta billyard26 Sep 2012 (Wed) @ 12:50am
Hi, Andrew I was just reading & aunt Mody had polio& her son was fine but her daugher had polio. I think the childern was in Tronto after aunt Mody past away I'm not sure about her husband is.Thanks, hope to hear from you

Loretta billyard26 Sep 2012 (Wed) @ 12:23am
Hi, Andrew we maybe couisns my anuts are Evin, Modie and my uncle was Frank and my dad is Ruben JR. & they are (were) brothers.I'm sure we are family

richard lucci7 Sep 2012 (Fri) @ 6:48pm
Howdy from Buffalo, NY, USA. I am part of your tree, just keeping in touch.

Andrew Billyard7 Jun 2012 (Thu) @ 6:15am
Hi Dorothy, Thanks for the note. You didn't leave an email address, so I hope you read this message. Lydia Susannah Billiard is from the Yarmouth region, was she not? From my research so far, the British Billyard/Billiard families seem to be concentrated in three main areas: Nottingham, Boston area, and Yarmouth. They must be connected, but far enough back in time since it's not apparent in the British vital records. If you have more family tree information, I would be very interested in hearing it!

dorothy wintrip29 May 2012 (Tue) @ 5:16pm
My grandmother on my father's side is Lydia Susannah Billiard.

grenville davies12 Sep 2011 (Mon) @ 9:22am
the private baptism at all saints church, west hartlepool, on 16 november 1892: born 6 november 1892 bapt 16 november 1892 mary jane billyard. daughter of john william and caroline billyard. 40 back eden street, west hartlepool. father a rivetter. notes in church book: rec. nov 27.

grenville davies12 Sep 2011 (Mon) @ 9:10am
the marriage at all saints church, west hartlepool, on 4 june 1892....... john william billyard, aged and a rivetter. son of harry billyard, a wire drawer. eden street, west hartlepool. caroline hindmarch, aged 18 and a spinster. daughter of john hindmarch, a carpenter. eden street, west hartlepool. have you got death notices for the following billyard's: 1942 caroline. 1943 elizabeth. 1957 john w. -------------- for picture of church type in via google: all saints church hartlepool pictures. please reply

Annette Guterres27 Aug 2011 (Sat) @ 0:39am
My grandfather was the first cousin oF Edward Billyard-Leake. I'm interested in any family history information.

Annette Guterres27 Aug 2011 (Sat) @ 0:39am
My grandfather was the first cousin oF Edward Billyard-Leake. I'm interested in any family history information.

Annette Guterres27 Aug 2011 (Sat) @ 0:39am
My grandfather was the first cousin oF Edward Billyard-Leake. I'm interested in any family history information.

Trish Heather-hayes14 Aug 2011 (Sun) @ 2:54pm
Looking for information,and confirmation, of what I already have on Charles Robert Billyard-Leake( son of CAM Billyard-Leake) who married Frances Ursula M Greswolde-Williams and lived here in Kenya ... still members of the B-L family here but memories have faded a bit so need some help. Trish

Bonnie Kotnik5 Aug 2011 (Fri) @ 10:47am
Hi Andrew, Please contact me as I have more information about the Green/Billyard families that you may be interested in. Regards Bonnie

Andrew25 Jul 2011 (Mon) @ 5:59am
To Lynette...yes I did....

Lynette22 Jul 2011 (Fri) @ 7:53pm
Did you go to CSS?

Patricia Nowell17 Mar 2011 (Thu) @ 4:50pm
I am the Grand daughter of Charles Billyard and Elizabeth Katharine Gear, I was so thankful to see all of the info on the Billyard family, I would love to talk to you. My mother's name was Dorothy Billyard Curl.

Andrew11 Feb 2011 (Fri) @ 8:30am
If you're referring to Charles Arthur Moresby Billyard who married Letitia Sarah Leake in Tasmania, he was born 1859, in Nottingham, England. Unfortunately, I do not have his death statistics.

Paul Chapman10 Feb 2011 (Thu) @ 4:38pm
HI, Can you tell me in what year was Charles A.M. Billyard-Leake born, and in what year did he die?

Brandy16 Dec 2010 (Thu) @ 11:45pm
Hi Andrew, Would you be able to contact me as soon as possible I have a question in regards to your geneology. I submitted my email to your site. Thank you kindly, Brandy

marg21 Sep 2010 (Tue) @ 8:32pm
Hi Andrew, can you tell me anything about Charles Robert Billyard Leake--he married Rrances U Greswolde-Williams 1924 in London--place and date birth please Marg

Elaine29 Aug 2010 (Sun) @ 7:25pm
Andrew: I saw a bit of info you have on Edward James Waltho born in St. Catherines in 1846. My father recently passed away (in Waterloo) and I have been going through his old papers. I found a really interesting copy of a 40 page autobiography of George W. Ellis. He was married to Mary Waltho who was the sister I believe of the "Edward Waltho" that you have on your website. Do you know much about the family? I am not sure at this point why my father had this but his family was from St. Catherines, way back but after reading this I don't see any connections. His family had a lot of history in the area and my uncle was Nelson Saxby who was a fairly active businessman in Niagara Falls and he may have come across this as George Ellis was a very active businessman in Niagara Falls from about the 1860's through to maybe 1905 or thereabouts. Mary Waltho (George Ellis' wife) and Edward Waltho were brother and sister. Their father was William Waltho who ran a Woolen Mill in Dunnville, Ontario. Their mother was Ann and her grandfather was a Lord in the UK, but I can't read the name. The Walthos had a Woolen Mill with a factory in St. Catherines and later in Niagara falls. There isn't a lot of info about George Ellis on the web but he was an interesting person, had polio as a child and was one of the early Reeves in Niagara Falls history and also was the instigator of the Queen Victoria monument and there is an interesting story in his autobiography. Just wondered if you have any additional info on the family.

Arthur W, J. G. Ord-Hume28 Jul 2010 (Wed) @ 1:13pm
I am an aviation historian and am engaged on preparing a history of Percival Aircraft Ltd. Edgar Wikner Percival was born in Australia (Albury, NSW, 1897) and founded his business in England in 1932 with the help of one Edward W Billyard-Leake. I believe this to be the E W Billyard-Leake who was born in Tasmania c.1894. I wonder if anybody can assist me with what the initial 'W' stood for and also where and when E W Billyard-Leake died. I have information that he was described (1934) as a 'wealthy sportsman' and that he also owned racehorses. He appears to have faded from the Percival Aircraft scene soon afterwards. All help gratefully received and graciously acknowledged. For my authenticity please see Thank you in hope and anticipation.

Shelley23 May 2010 (Sun) @ 9:02pm
Andrew, your email link isn't working. I'd like to ask you a question re. your geneology information.

Geri Moriarity Miller13 May 2010 (Thu) @ 5:04pm
Dear Andrew, I am your niece, was born Dec 21,1934 William and Ainsworth Moriarity as my parents. I know this is not true. Could you please tell me who my Mother and Father are. I am now 75 yrs and have been trying all these years to know. Please could you help me.

glenn pearo27 Feb 2010 (Sat) @ 5:31pm
many thanks as I said, Glenn Pearo

Paul3 Feb 2010 (Wed) @ 2:45pm
Hello Andrew, I own a Farm that was formally rented by William Billyard in England in 1839. The property next door was owned by and possibly built an N Billyard in 1842. Please e-mail for more information. Regards, Paul.

Terence Charles Billyard11 Dec 2009 (Fri) @ 10:06pm
Hello Andrew. I see you have my brother listed, Robert Billyard (deceased) married to Sandra Hughes with children Sarah and Stephen. There are many more in the UK. I now live in North Carolina. It's interesting to see the same first names crop up again and again in your family tree that I am so familiar with (Robert, Henry, Charles etc.). E-mail me if you want more information. Cheers, Terry

diana15 Nov 2009 (Sun) @ 2:57am
Hello Andrew: Just thought that I might google your name and see what would pop up... I was happy to see that you have been busy adding to the Billyard Geneology. It seems that you have led a very exciting life since departing Stirling. I have no idea where you are now, but you may tell your boy that an old lady in Stirling Ont. Canada remembers his daddy dipping his french fries in his ice cream and being very proud of his own excentricity! (sheesh... did I spell that correctly?) LOL Take care... I have enjoyed following your journey through life since I got online a few years ago. My regards to your lovely family. Diana West

Becky Billyard Hume11 Nov 2009 (Wed) @ 5:46pm
Send me an email and I will give you some updates missing on our family.

I give up29 Oct 2009 (Thu) @ 0:28am
I will be honest I am so frustrated, I will disprove it my self, all I need is some current data on quasar jet streams FTL Super Luminar motion. People are yelling at me like I'm some crack pot, all I want to do is write a description of black holes creating space time as energy goes in to the BH. Does a person need a freaking PHD to ask a question????? I'm not directing that comment at you Andrew, I am so frustrated. I remember 30 years ago in physics class a student came up with the concept of Solar sails, but me and the teacher put him on the correct path of not developing any ideas until he was educated further. Today scientists are thinking of doing what he suggested, "It was this experience that opened my mind to other peoples ideas, NO MATTER HOW BIZARRE". That poor guy, wish I could apologize to him today. I will write it myself if I have to and I will not stop now just because of the resistance I have encountered, if people have been more like you Andrew and showed help and respect, I might have given up. Can you please help me obtain data. Thank you so much for taking time in giving me the Tensor Calculus Rel and Cosmology, and Essential Relativity, I really do understand a lot on Relativity and the thing I never liked about it is the creation of space time from the big bang and forced not to question it, by other scientists, I am afraid scientists have become what they hated most, it is just as powerful as a religion, just better at describing the universe than older religions like it. This is how frustrated I am.

Andrew17 Oct 2009 (Sat) @ 10:55am
Kevin, I think people will not reply because your hypothesis is illegible in general. You are comparing things that cannot be compared! For instance, saying things like "kg" going into the black hole and the "m^3/s^3" stays out makes no sense. Your premise suggests that there are actual physical equations hanging around black holes and part of them get pulled in and other don't. Although there is some metaphysical appeal to this, the equations are merely a representation of what is happening to objects at a particular point in the space-time (and conversely the change in space-time due to the presence of that object). I would recommend two good starters here for you:

  1. An Introduction to Tensor Calculus, Relativity and Cosmology, by D. F. Lawden, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 1986.
  2. Essential Relativity, by W. Rindler, Springer-Verlag, 1977.

Both are excellent starting points, holding you by the hand at first through the mathematics and then slowly bringing you up to speed on such topics as black holes. Hope this helps.

Kevin Morais4 Oct 2009 (Sun) @ 2:32pm
Dear Andrew, Is it possible that existence or space time, what ever, is it conceivable that space time could be created from energy as it falls into a black hole? Perhaps something as simple as space time = mc^3? The universe is simpler than we care to admit. Faster than light (FTL) Quasar exhibiting Relativistic Jet Streams are using the Narrow Angle Model to describe this motion. This Narrow angel model is only good for 19 degrees, M87 is at 43 degrees if I am not mistaken, yet we are still using the narrow angle model and using more and more and more and more and more complicated means to explain this FTL motion. I mean what ever happened to Occam's razor ?? Can we not describe this motion using the analogy of energy as it falls into a black hole, the trade off is existence (or) space time is created from the energy as it falls into the black hole? Volume (V) = mc^3, please keep an open mind to the units, I would suspect that the m^3/s^3 would remain outside the black hole and the kg would fall into the black hole. So you would end up with a kind of weird split equation....just throwing it out there. Regardless of the equation or the units, is it not conceivable that energy can create space-time as it leaves this universe into the BH???? Please let me know why people will not reply to this hypothesis? Thanks Kevin

Greg Stewart23 Jul 2009 (Thu) @ 11:22am
Andrew, How are you doing? I don't find an email address anywhere on this site. Please write back with one. cheers, Greg

Thom Vanek16 Jul 2009 (Thu) @ 6:14pm
Mr. Billyard: I am writing to you from California. I used to visit Australia every year from the early 1980's and met Ian-Parry Okeden at that time. I eventually moved to Sydney in 1987 and spent so much time with Ian in the City and up at Whale Beach. I, too, wonder where he has gone. Did you ever find out where he went? If it would not be too much trouble, would you send an email address or phone number so that I may reach him? We used to have the best of times at Media Monitors, taking day and weekend trips, cooking up meals (correction: call them "feasts") and Christmas luncheons at Whale Beach - then out for a swim. Thanks for your help. It would be so nice to touch base with Ian again. Thom