Hartmann mask template generator
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In astrophotography, there is always difficulty in seeing well enough through the camera's view screen to know if the image is properly focussed. An easy solution to this is the Hartmann or Scheiner mask (click here for details).

The following form yields a PDF template of a Hartmann mask. This template can then be used to cut out a Hartmann mask for your telescope for focusing purposes.

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ObjectValueCorresponding Symbol
On Figure
Outer Diameter of Telescope Tube: inches mm Wt
Primary Aperture (Lens/Mirror) Diameter:inches mmNot Shown
Mask's Aperture Diameter:    either
inches mm
 /  of Primary Aperture
Mask's Apertures Separation:    either
Maximum possible separation
inches mm
 /  of Mask Aperture's Diameter
Number of Aperture Holes in Mask: Not Shown
Note: this will generate the mask in another html window.

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