Billyard Genealogy: Mary Jane Jordon

Mary Jane Jordon (b. 1850)   

Parents: Samuel Jordon (b. 1816) & Mary X (b. 1826)

Siblings (7): Margaret Jordon (b. 1847), Benjamin Jordon (b. 1848), Susan A Jordon (b. 1853), Amy Jordon (b. 1855), Eliza Jordon (b. 1857), Mariah Jordon (b. 1860), Samuel Jordon (b. 1864)

Spouse: Joseph Harper (b. 1849)

Child: Susan Emma Harper (b. 1871)

Life Events:
~1850   Born in Upper Canada      [1]
1870Jan 10   [19-20y] Married Joseph Harper (b. 1849) in Stamford, Niagara County, Ontario, Canada      [2]
 Marriage registry for Joseph and Mary is hard to read: the surname for their witness George is illegible. They were married by Rev. B Blount from St. Catharines. Witnessed by George X & Susan Jordan
1871Jan   [20-21y]   - birth of daughter Susan Emma Harper (b. 1871) in Ontario, Canada      [3]

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Religion Origin
1861 Mary J Jordon 11 Upper Canada    
1871 Mary Jane Harper 20 Ontario Episc Meth African

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   [1] - 1861 Census [Stamford (2), Welland County, Ontario, Canada, row 25]
   [2] - Ontario Marriage Registry for Joseph Harper and Mary J Jordan (1870)
   [3] - 1871 Census [Township of Stamford (3), Welland County, Ontario, Canada, row 15]

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