Billyard Genealogy: Clara Hobbs

Clara Hobbs (b. 1904)

Occupation: Saleslady (1927)

Parents: Samuel Edward Hobbs & Clara Briton

Spouse: James Gray Briggs (b. 1904)

Children (6): Robert James Briggs, Jean Briggs, Doris Briggs, Sam Briggs, Anne Briggs, Margaret Briggs

Life Events:
1904 Born in England      [1]
May 3   Married James Gray Briggs (b. 1904) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [1]
 Married in their home by E. T. Douglas, United Church of Canada. Witnessed by Jeanie Brockie & Adam Brockie
Mar 20     - birth of son Robert James Briggs in Stirling, Ontario, Canada      [2]
    - birth of daughter Jean Briggs
    - birth of daughter Doris Briggs
    - birth of son Sam Briggs
    - birth of daughter Anne Briggs
    - birth of daughter Margaret Briggs
Lived at 446 McRoberts Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada      [1]
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   [1] - Ontario Marriage Registry for James Gray Briggs and Clara Hobbs (1927:002545)
   [2] - Evelyn Kathleen (née Dawe) Billyard

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