Billyard Genealogy: Frederick Sydney Billyard

Frederick Sydney Billyard (b. 1890)   

Occupation: Master Builder

Parents: Farquhar Sydney Billyard (b. 1850) & Eliza Marian Wharrier

Partner: Sarah Bleakley

Children (3): Frederick Billyard, Alfred Billyard, Jack Billyard

Life Events:
1890 Born in England      [1]
  Partnered with Sarah Bleakley
    - birth of son Frederick Billyard
    - birth of son Alfred Billyard
Jun 15     - birth of son Jack Billyard in Concord, New South Wales, Australia      [2]

Notes Emigrated from England to Australia in the early 20th century (1912?)

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   [1] - Ian Parry-Okeden
   [2] - Ronald William Billyard

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