Billyard Genealogy: Violet Mary Allen

Violet Mary Allen (b. 1893)   

Parents: Henry Allen & Eliza Castle

Spouse: Walter Billyard (b. 1883)

Children (16): Mabel Billyard, Elsie Billyard, Ellen Billyard, Jean Billyard, Donald Billyard, Fred Billyard, Henry Billyard, Florence Billyard (b. 1922), Gladys Laura Billyard, Doris Evelina Billyard, Arthur Franklin Billyard (step) (1904-1904), Harvey Vincent Billyard (step) (b. 1905), Charles Earnest Billyard (step) (b. 1908), Archibald R. Billyard (step) (b. 1910), Norman James Billyard (step) (b. 1913), Elmer Billyard (step) (b. 1921)

Life Events:
1893 Born in England      [1, 2]
1920Apr 24   [26-27y] Married Walter Billyard (b. 1883) in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada      [3]
 Married by William J. West. Witnessed by Victoria West & Evelyn West
1922Sep 20   [28-29y]   - birth of daughter Florence Billyard (b. 1922) in Canborough, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada      [4]
 ?        - birth of daughter Gladys Laura Billyard in Caistor Centre, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
 ?   Jul 16     - birth of daughter Doris Evelina Billyard in Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada      [2]
 ?        - birth of daughter Mabel Billyard
 ?        - birth of daughter Elsie Billyard
 ?        - birth of daughter Ellen Billyard
 ?        - birth of daughter Jean Billyard
 ?        - birth of son Donald Billyard
 ?        - birth of son Fred Billyard
 ?        - birth of son Henry Billyard
  Buried in Riverside Cemetery (Section B3), Dunnville, Ontario, Canada      [1]

Census information:
Census Name Age Birth Religion Origin Occ. Father's Birth Mother's Birth
1921 Ellen Billyard 28 Ontario Baptist English none Ontario Ontario

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   [3] - Ontario Marriage Registry for Walter Billyard and Violet Mary Allen (1920:13211)
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