Billyard Genealogy: Violet Mary Allen

Violet Mary Allen (b. 1893)   

Parents: Henry Allen & Eliza Castle

Spouse: Walter Billyard (b. 1883)

Children (16): Mabel Billyard, Elsie Billyard, Ellen Billyard, Jean Billyard, Donald Billyard, Fred Billyard, Henry Billyard, Florence Billyard (b. 1922), Gladys Laura Billyard, Doris Evelina Billyard, Arthur Franklin Billyard (step) (1904-1904), Harvey Vincent Billyard (step) (b. 1905), Charles Earnest Billyard (step) (b. 1908), Archibald R. Billyard (step) (b. 1910), Norman James Billyard (step) (b. 1913), Elmer Billyard (step)

Life Events:
1893 Born in England      [1, 2]
1920Apr 24   [26-27y] Married Walter Billyard (b. 1883) in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada      [3]
 Married by William J. West. Witnessed by Victoria West & Evelyn West
1922Sep 20   [28-29y]   - birth of daughter Florence Billyard (b. 1922) in Canborough, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada      [4]
 ?        - birth of daughter Gladys Laura Billyard in Caistor Centre, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
 ?   Jul 16     - birth of daughter Doris Evelina Billyard in Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada      [2]
 ?        - birth of daughter Mabel Billyard
 ?        - birth of daughter Elsie Billyard
 ?        - birth of daughter Ellen Billyard
 ?        - birth of daughter Jean Billyard
 ?        - birth of son Donald Billyard
 ?        - birth of son Fred Billyard
 ?        - birth of son Henry Billyard
  Buried in Riverside Cemetery (Section B3), Dunnville, Ontario, Canada      [1]
          Relationship Algorithm Ancestral vitals

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   [2] - Ontario Death Registry for Doris Evelina Billyard (1931:17484)
   [3] - Ontario Marriage Registry for Walter Billyard and Violet Mary Allen (1920:13211)
   [4] - Family History Library, Salt Lake City (

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